We believe that when you make an investment to improve your home, that the results should be breathtaking and timeless. The results should be breathtaking and timeless.

JD Masonry Products is the premier choice for masonry services in St. Louis MO. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Owner, Jeff Wingbermuehle, has over 16 years of experience and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Choosing the right company to work with is crucial, as the quality of work can have a profound impact on the durability and appearance of your stones. It can also be used in a variety of different architectural styles as it will provide an unparalleled design aesthetic for your home or furnishings. If you are considering hiring an expert, don’t hesitate to contact us about your project.

We are able to use to stone veneer for a beautiful appearance, insulation and waterproof protection. This is a important to help prevent water damage and rot. Bricks and masons weigh considerably less and offer many advantages for house building. Stone veneer is a great decorative option, and is also very durable and a good choice.

It is important to choose a solid tuckpoint to complete everything, rather than completely renew the wall with a dotted touch-up. Tuckpointing is a method of laying mortar that matches bricks and stones and looks like traditional mortar, creating the illusion of thing joints.
We use our knowledge and experience of the right installation and repair technology better than anyone else and make use of our extensive experience in the area of masonry. JD Masonry Products has carried out many high-profile projects in the St. Louis MO area and has a loyal clientele.
Our services include a variety of different services for our clients. We have the ability to do block, stone, & brick masonry. Projects of ours include outdoor living spaces, custom fireplaces, retaining walls, chimney repair, pergolas, and bathroom remodeling.

Our Services

Block Masonry

Masons can cut through mortar joints or simply leave the mortar in a weeping state, preventing cracks. Mortar that requires repair surfaces that fit into the existing wall needs to be tinted to create a seamless appearance. Concrete used as the foundation is strong enough to withstand the demands of the building’s load.

Stone Veneer

We have the ability to select from a plethora of stone and veneer materials from a number of leading suppliers. Stone veneer comes with a lot of versatility as a it can be installed on almost any surface and in a variety of designs, giving you a great choice for home decoration. It is strong enough to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations as well as dirt.

Brick Veneer

JD Masonry Products is one of the leading companies that specialize in brick veneers in St. Louis. Officially, the term “brick” is used to denote components made of molded clay. The veneer of brick gives the same appearance as solid brick, but only the outer layer consists of brick.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want a distinctive outdoor living space, let us help you bring your vision to life. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or something else, we can do it all. We offer you the space and style you need for your desired living space. It’s important to us to make sure that your outdoor living area is everything you ever wanted.

Custom Fireplaces

JD Masonry Products will work to create the custom fireplace that fits your project plans and needs. We will work directly with you to make sure that all of your expectations have been met and more, while doing it on-time and within your budget. Our portfolio includes building custom fireplaces in St Louis, both inside and outside the home.

Retaining Walls

As an experienced bricklayer, we offer St. Louis residents the opportunity to create the best designs for the new retaining wall that they want at their home. It will have you all of your neighbors wanting to know who did it for you. We provide you with the best options for new and old retaining walls.

Chimney Repair

Repairing a chimney is important to ensure that the chimney remains in good condition and when it starts to crumble, ensure that it does not look like a run-down chimney. A chimney that needs to be repaired, is structurally unsound and becomes a safety risk if not repaired. Proper chimney repair will make sure that everything looks good and works well from the inside out.


If you are looking for an experienced pavilion and pergola designer in St Louis, then we can help you. Our work will allow you to be satisfied with your project and give you the ability to stand out in the neighborhood. We will work with you on a perfect plan and design, to ensure that the project is meets all of your requests.

Bathroom Remodeling

With over 16 years of experience, we have done a variety of bathroom remodeling projects in St. Louis. Whether you are looking for a new bath or a complete bathroom remodel, we have the ability to create the look and feel that you want. Our experience in renovating houses ensures that we will find the best solution for you.

Pool Installation

JD Masonry Products offers a one of a king fiberglass pool installation service here in St. Louis. Our team specializes in pool installation, and can have your backyard turned into an outdoor oasis in no time. As you may know, pool projects take a lot of planning, so it’s important to choose a company that is reputable, experienced, and provides quality work and customer service.

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