Our goal is to create products that are perfectly suited to your family’s needs. Custom fireplaces are extremely popular here in St. Louis. We have the ability to build them both inside of the home and outside in a living area like a backyard.


Whether you’re looking for a more versatile way to toast marshmallows with the kids, a brick and stone, custom fireplace can add elegance. It is a great option to have when you want to host the best barbecue in the neighborhood as well.

We will help you build the right brick and stone fireplace. Attractive brick, stone, and concrete tiles can be decorated with tastefully colored marble, granite, porcelain, and tiles to brighten and enliven your environment.

If you are thinking off adding a custom fireplace to your home, it is not too early to start planning. A custom fireplace will offer a unique feel, comfort, and ambience to your home. It is a great option to have and your guests will love it. It not only provides warmth for your guests, but also gives you style and elegance.

Jeff can answer all of your questions about the size and scope of your project, along with the design process as well. Give your home some sophistication and enduring beauty by adding a custom fireplace. It will add a classic fair to any situation.

Few things are as comforting as a log fire, and custom fireplaces are easy to maintain and enjoy which is great. You will have the option choose the style, and whether or not you want a realistic-looking one, a fireplace with a gas-wood-firewood starter or a hybrid one that allows you to light the wood with gas trunks or a starter that makes the fire a breeze.

We Take Pride in Quality Workmanship.

Invite us to work on your home improvement project and we’ll work hard to excel and surpass your expectations. That’s what professionals do.