JD Masonry Products provides homeowners and property owners with the best options for new and old retaining walls and patio rows in St. Louis. Depending on the type of material used for the construction of the wall, there are a number of ways to integrate sufficient drainage, such as covering the drain or a combination of both. We can also recommend the use of concrete or other non-toxic materials for the walls as well as other types of insulation.


There are many retaining walls that have failed due to poorly designed drainage measures, and the external forces acting on the retaining walls can be underestimated. Therefore, many of the retaining wall projects we work on, usually include implementing a new retaining wall.

We have helped tear down old wooden fences, replace them with blocks, fix drainage problems, or rebuild the walls to handle additional loads. While the majority of our retaining wall projects are new ones, we have also been asked to repair, rebuild, or replace existing retaining walls that have collapsed or failed in any way.

Retaining walls are a garden feature that is often used in the design of house and commercial landscapes and can dramatically affect drainage patterns and topsoil. Careful planning can lead to a retaining wall ravaging your neighbor’s lawn. It also serves as a natural extension of a landscaped garden, so you can push back a slope while improving the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Recently retaining walls have quickly become one of the most popular landscaping features used in both private and commercial landscaping. In St. Louis, retaining walls are a common feature in the design of homes, commercial buildings, and even public spaces.

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